Discovery Heights
Ilwaco, Washington

beach ball

Discovery Trail

Simultaneous with the development of the first phase, Discovery Heights joined with Washington State Parks and the Cities of Long Beach and Ilwaco to cooperatively fund and build the spectacular 8-mile “Discovery Trail”.  The completed trail now stretches from downtown Ilwaco through forestland (first mapped by Lewis & Clark in 1805), to the ocean beach at Beard’s Hollow, then north through sand dunes and along the beach to the north end of the City of Long Beach.  Discovery Heights is proud to have been a significant contributor to the successful completion of this beautiful amenity. The paved trail is available to bicycle and hiking enthusiasts and is directly connected to the extensive trail systems within Lewis & Clark National Park, Cape Disappointment State Park and 27 miles of beautiful beach.  Unmistakably, Discovery Trail is one of the finest beach trails in the Pacific Northwest.







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